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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

some things come to an end

ive been thinking real hard on whether or not to continue this blog. ive been going to major life changes. some great ones and some i wish to completely forget about.
unfortunately in life we need to go through difficult times in order to understand why we walk this earth... and who can take this walk with us.
i know i am a very strong person, i got a great head on my shoulders. i am very independent, loving, and i probably care for too much for others whom i should not even spend one minute of my life on. i am a strong believer in karma. and by the looks of it ive done nothing but good in this life that it is now paying part and coming together. and by seeing so many great things fall on my lap these past few weeks reminds me that bigger and even better things are yet to come. i think ive come a long way. pushing my self to succeed in my life, i have an amazing job, and you truly find out who your true friends are when you need them.
so as one door closes another amazing door opens.
till next time!


Friday, February 22, 2013

its friday bitches!

lets party!!!
life has been a roller coaster... but the good kind.

  • work is work. always crazy, never a dull day. 
  • mark and my sister are getting surgery next week. which means my birthday vacation has turned into a nursing position. wish me luck.
  • seems like the bday will be on mute this year... theres always the next one.
  • been trying to keep up with my good doings... i am expecting two thank you cards from TWO FRIENDS!!!! yes you two! where are my thank you cards????
  • its awesome when you realize how much you have accomplished in life. knowing you have a good head on your shoulders. yes sometimes you need to tell yourself this in order to tickle your own pickle. and im sure others will appreciate it when you tell them them they are as awesome as you. hahahaha
  • realized bath time makes a huge difference in my mood, which i am sure mark appreciates. ha!

i guess thats it...

Friday, February 8, 2013

its that time of the year again...

bday wish list aka what i hope to buy myself... fuck my last year as a twenty something... ugh...


Happy friday bitches! 

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

the original cult xmas 2012

here are some pics form works christmas lunch. sorry for the quality, wrong settings...

Monday, January 21, 2013

what i win? what i win?

so a few weeks ago i entered a give away on the demure muse. and can you believe i actually won!
but there was major confusion when i was contacted about my wins... some one from yak apparel hit me up asking to choose one of their hats...??? it thought i entered a different give away i forgot about. so i chose the womens blue earflap hat.

so later that day i checked the demure muse blog and noticed i in fact won the bracelet not a hat??? so i hit up katrina and she got everything figured out an i indeed won the jewelry.

a few days later, what do i get in the mail... a beanie and a bracelet??? i know... im still confused? 

the bracelet give away was from ulinx. this is a pretty interesting line. their jewelry is magnetic. you design and put together.
unfortunately i did not receive exactly what i had requested. i emailed them asking if i could make a quick exchange but i never heard back from them. ohh well... assembly of it was easy but i kept freaking out since you can feel the magnetic pull...

i will be wearing with out the blue tile

see how that pc doesnt match...

i guess the the wrong pc can be worn as a ring?
thanks again ulinx and yak apparel!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

now accepting thank you cards

happy thursday every one!!! almost friday!!!
yup i started a thank you card shelf. i hope to receive many more this year. half way through the month and i already received 2, not bad right!
so far my positive attitude is paying off... what goes around comes around!
have a great day everyone! 
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